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Crown Point Press specializes in intaglio printing, which we use mainly for printing etchings. The unique beauty of this type of printing lies in its capacity to allow ink films of different thickness to be deposited on the paper at the same time. All other methods of printing deposit ink in uniform layers. A plate made for intaglio printing has grooves, or incisions, which can be of varying depths, and the printer fills these grooves with ink. He or she then wipes the plate surface clean, first with a cloth, then with the palm of the hand. Finally the printer covers the plate with a moist sheet of paper, and runs it through a press. The press forces the paper into all the depressions of the plate, and pulls the ink out to make the print.
menoreh plat
At Crown Point Press, artists work with printers to develop plates for original works of art printed in editions. We call these multiple originals. Though the prints in an edition all look the same, they are not copies of one another any more than a twin is a copy of his brother. Artists often combine many different techniques on the same plate, and at Crown Point our printers use their skills to guide this complicated process. The printers help the artists to realize their best possible work in the medium of printmaking.

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